Dr. Steilman

Dr Steilman

A Word in brief

This work is important to me: in part, because I am proof that men can change, grow, and even excel towards the seemingly impossible when they have the Spirit of Truth and Determination moving in their lives. And in part because I am positively a Christian who takes my commission very seriously.
I believe it is important that my readers know that I am NOT a Pastor or a Preacher. I am but a humble Teacher. One might be able to expand upon this to say that I have a Teaching Ministry: God did indeed give me a platform–this blog–but it isn’t a pulpit. Because I am not standing behind a pulpit, I have a certain academic freedom that allows me to apply Theological methodology and systematic analysis to just about any conceivable subject. I invite you, my readers, to come along with me on this adventure. I welcome questions, comments, topical suggestions, employment opportunities, or any support that will make this Ministry more effective. (See Contact info.