There are many critics

The are many critics who point out the atrocities perpetrated or even allegedly perpetrated, by Christians in the name of Christianity. They point to the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts, and across the world. They point to the expulsion and torture of the Moors, the Inquisition, and even the WWII Holocaust (*which is a stretch, to say the least. see below). Sadly, it is these horrors that the media and secular, statist education makes sure to promote in a slanted attempt to place all the blame on Christianity. They place blanket blame on the religion instead of on the men who were corrupted by sin and power. And they omit–in a very sinister manner–the proper context: the larger, irrefutable truth that countless more atrocities were committed by those who were not Christians or not under Christian influence.

When one tabulates the loss of lives attributed to “Christian” conduct (excluding Hitler since it has been proven that he was anti-Christian*), then the total deaths which may be laid at the doorstep of Christianity over the past 2000 years is well under 5 million. Yet the number of lives lost at the hands of non-Christian leaders in just the 20th century alone is over one-hundred million! Consider the 62 million killed during the 20th century by Soviet Communist, the 35 million killed by Communist Chinese, the 1.7 million killed by Vietnamese Communists, the 1 million killed by Polish ethnic cleansing, the 1 million in Yugoslavia, the 1.7 million in North Korea, et. al.–all non or anti-Christian regimes.

Consider the deaths perpetrated at the hands of anti-Christian leaders: Joseph Stalin murdered 42.7 million, Mao Tse-tung 37.8 million, Hitler 20.9 million, Vladimir Lenin 4 million, Tojo Hideki 4 million, Pol Pot 1 Million, et. al.

One must ask why it is that only those atrocities perpetrated by Christians are the ones foremost in our minds, when they occur 20 times less often and in only five percent of the time than non-Christian or anti-Christian atrocities? The Devil certainly knows, as well as his marionettes in the media and in public education.

The Bible tells us to be acquainted with the Word of God from childhood. If we know the Word and live the Word then we are armored against the wiles of the devil, then we can see through his shallow attempts to cast doubt, confusion, and animus on God’s truth and God’s people. Sadly, those who do not have this armor are easily indoctrinated into a false narrative that originated with the Father of Lies in the Garden of Eden and ends with him in fires of Hell.

* Documents from the OSS, the noted intelligence agency of WWII, prove that Hitler was anti-Christian and the Nazis engaged in a systematic campaign to eradicate European Christianity. Both Hitler and the Nazis were linked to anti-Biblical Occultism.

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