Often I hear people tell me that I won’t be very successful in my efforts to reach the “world” with Theology. “People just aren’t interested in Jesus anymore.” Indeed I have experienced this first-hand many times over many years. It may surprise some that most of the “emptiness” that I have found has originated from so-called Christian Churches and from other Christians. I always say that at least when I am greeted with apathy, emptiness, and derision from the secular community it feels honest.

People look at today’s carnal Christian and say, “Look, that guy is just like me, even with the power of Christ in his life.” They are not fooled by Christian hypocrisy, and thus it is easy to see why many have closed their minds to God. It is easy to understand why many attacks organized religion in general and Christianity specifically. Before I had a genuine conversion experience, I myself was a staunch antagonist to the Christian faith…but that is a story for another time.

So, yes, I recognize–even understand–the growing anti-Christian trend in society today. But should I just give in? Just call it quits? Join the masses in their progressive march to, where, Hell? Meaninglessness? Subjective Morality (as taught in public schools today, which gives the cannibal a seat at the table along with the saint)? A humanistic utopia? Or do I continue to try to reach out and speak to many in the hope that I might save some (or even just one) from the fire that burns just beyond the wide and easily traversable gates (Mat. 7:13-14)?

I have been advised to slant my message in order to reach a broader audience, but I can’t do that. Even if I only reach a few, I want those few to be able to say, “Dr. Steilman is transparent. He is ethical. He won’t always make you feel good, but he’ll tell you the truth as he understands it. He is a responsible scholar who treats every subject analytically and every person fairly and with compassion.”

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