A Conversation with my son.

Recently my 21-year old son came to visit me. He just graduated from U.S. Army boot camp and I am very proud of him. We spoke briefly about women and relationships. He wants a son of his own, though he admits he is early in his career and the time is not right. Of course, I told him to get married first, and this eventually led to him asking me why I don’t have a woman of my own right now. Our discussion overall, in conjunction with me looking around the visiting room and seeing all the happy couples, made me realize how much I do need a woman in my life.
I have written to a few women over the years…but compatibility has always been an issue. Admittedly, I’m quite boring. I enjoying pondering and discussing the deeper issues in life. (e.g., I practice symbolic logic for fun.) Granted, I never used to be this way: I was once a man of action, always taking women rock climbing, bridge jumping, off-roading, bonfires, etc. Life was loud music, alcohol, and sex. When I was young the physical relationship was all that mattered. Today, at 41, I am only interested in the SUBSTANCE of a relationship.
I told my son that I would find my wife when I see the same woman frequenting both the same church and the same library I attend. I say this not in a literal sense, but in the figurative sense that a woman who is a little “nerdy” and who appreciates the kind of values one might find in a church…well, I would certainly find that kind of woman attractive.
I wholeheartedly believe in the Christian family model, i.e. husband and wife equally yoked together under God, pursuing marriage and relationship pleasing to Him. I understand that this restricts the possibility of meeting an abundance of women, but then I don’t need an abundance of women. I need just the one woman whom God has decided is a match for me. I must believe that He will nudge her in my direction when the time is right.
And when He does, I will consider it a solemn duty to always cherish her and honor her with the love and respect that a Covenant Relationship calls for.

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