Month: June 2020

About me

Faults: Can be arrogant, control issues, trust issues, expectations, tend to try and fix people, criminality as a drug-addled youth. Strengths: Christian, organized, educated (Th.D.), artist, teaching/counseling (Nouthetics, Self-repair), loyal, dedicated, disciplined, honest to a fault (blunt). I think long-term/big picture. Interests: Theology, psychology, reading, good movies, fishing, hiking, biking, dog training, making the right…

Dear Friends

I have always been interested in the various schools of thought revolving around psychiatry, but so much of it never jived theologically–until now. Adams has given me a theological thread to pursue, and when I pursued it, I found something amazing.* It seems my past–my theological training, my work in the Cognitive Change/Self-Awareness field, my…