Dear Friends

I have always been interested in the various schools of thought revolving around psychiatry, but so much of it never jived theologically–until now. Adams has given me a theological thread to pursue, and when I pursued it, I found something amazing.* It seems my past–my theological training, my work in the Cognitive Change/Self-Awareness field, my certification in behavioralism, and my independent education into the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Sociology–has more than adequately prepared me to begin working with Nouthetic Principles.

* I have been struggling lately with my purpose in Theology, praying and waiting for an answer from God as to why He gave me theology in the first place. It hasn’t seemed that I have used His gift effectively. Christianity is so muddied in society today, a terrible success of Satan. People question but don’t accept the answers. Denominationalism has ripped the church apart. Protestantism is fractured and in retreat because the pulpit has fallen short on solid theological and biblical teaching. THERE IS NO UNITY IN FELLOWSHIP.

Just the other day, a man who I have never met, but have known through a mutual friend for years to be a solid Christian, tried to show me a “statement of faith” in order to “make sure we are on the same page theologically” before we could discuss a Christian endeavor. It broke my heart.

Our faith can rarely surpass our allegiance. If our allegienace is Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, or what have you, then our faith is warped. Churches, like persons, must be instruments in the hands of God, not the centers of our lives. We can and must respect the instruments, but we warp the faith if we are not God-centered.

Preachers today expose no heresy. They condemn no sin. If they ever do find fault it is with those who oppose their compromise. Obedience to God and His Word is labeled “legalism.” In an attempt to please everyone, they stand for nothing. This causes the Spirit within me to writhe and groan. I have tried to help people see. I have written and written and written what God has placed in my heart. I know these efforts have not been altogether wasted, yet I’m can’t avoid the conclusion that God has provided another for me to help people in serious need….

Dr. D.E. Steilman

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