About me

Faults: Can be arrogant, control issues, trust issues, expectations, tend to try and fix people, criminality as a drug-addled youth.

Strengths: Christian, organized, educated (Th.D.), artist, teaching/counseling (Nouthetics, Self-repair), loyal, dedicated, disciplined, honest to a fault (blunt). I think long-term/big picture.

Interests: Theology, psychology, reading, good movies, fishing, hiking, biking, dog training, making the right woman feel loved.

Straight Talk: Looking for my soulmate. Someone who understands that love is an action before it is a feeling. It involves duty, commitment, communication and compromise. I made some terrible choices as a kid that ruined lives and continues to haunt me, but I daily try and atone for those mistakes. I know exactly what kind of man I am and exactly what kind of woman I want.

Stats: Doctor of Theology, 41 y.o., 6’2″ tall, 220lbs, shaved head and beard, tattooed, fit and healthy

Favorite Quote: “Do what’s right, not what’s easy”

Seeking: Someone with true inner beauty, who knows how to make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

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