[DAY 11. 1.3.21] Yesterday I found a man who was an Associate Pastor before he came to prison. I asked him to give our small group of Christians in the quarantine zone a sermon. He declined, saying he was “out of practice over twenty years, too much work to prepare, he’s uncomfortable.” So I developed a sermon myself. I will share it with the men tonight, including this Associate Pastor who agreed to at least open us up with prayer. I hope that my unqualified efforts will encourage him to resume his calling at a future date.
* Held church in the Q Zone. A small group of strong men. The Lord guided me with His message and I could see that it registered with the men. We had a very encouraging discussion afterward, about walking in the Lord, not just visibly but inwardly, and witnessing to men. I think we all became friends. We admitted our shortcomings and determined to do better. One of the men was a serious mexican gangster (now in a wheelchair for life after having been shot by a rival) that is looking at Christ for the first time. PTL! Those who saw our meeting tonight will be encouraged.

[Day 12] Rumors going around that my group of guys is getting pretty close to being released from quarantine. I am ready, but not counting on it and therefore not succumbing to a spirit of restlessness. Today I am going to start work on a new piece that focuses on the question: “When People Look at You Do They See a Man of Christ?”

[Day 13. Perhaps last day in Q] The Lord provided me with an amazing opportunity to witness to a young black Nation of Islam man. Very influential among his people, with a voice and disposition that makes people listen. I’ve known the young man in passing for six months or so. Smart, driven to succeed, well-read, articulate. Always thought he talked too much. Ha, ha. But God put him right next to me in the Q Zone, literally 3 feet to my right. We forged a bond speaking several times on philosophical and moral matters. But this morning as Covid guys were being shuffled around and he and I were both sitting in our area “bird watching” (just observing the chaos around us), God directed the conversation to spiritual matters. We spoke for over an hour. God brought all the right scriptures to mind. By the end of it he was vigorously shaking my hand and promising to order a Bible as soon as he could call his wife. PTL! Only Scripture speaks to every area of thought and life.

[Day 14] I’m out and healthy. In a different unit until all the chaos can be worked out.

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