Thanks for the update and encouraging words. Yes, I have been struggling with all the covid madness. Then response is overblown, I’ve personally watched it infect 1200 people with only 4 deaths. And those 4 individuals were so sickly they would have died from the flu as well. It all strikes me as satanic control and manipulation. It is hard for me to see how God continues to allow it, especially since I know millions are calling out to Him in prayer each and every day, many of those prayers righteous prayers that He hears and that wield power (Ja. 5:16, 1 Jn.5:14). Yet I know God’s time is different from ours, and I must be patient. Nonetheless, people are cracking up in here. There were two suicide attempts just last week, and several small group “uprisings.” The prisons are powder kegs because thousands of inmates are seeing that nobody is suffering any serious effects from Covid. The Admin has fumbled every step of the way. Nearly every inmate at Stafford got sick because of their “preventative” measures. Its ludicrous! Nothing but a money grab from the feds–and nobody is fooled any more. That’s the problem. The viel has been removed, so to speak, and now people are getting pissed off. Or they are succumbing to feelings of haplessness and losing it in other ways. The stuff of nightmares, to be sure.

My prayers are for you guys, for family, for Christians, for the world. Peace.

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