A testament to Godliness!

A testament to Godliness!I received your book YOUNG IN AFRICA today! I am very grateful to be a recipient. I gave it a once over already, sort of a preview before I dig in. I shared with my celly some of what Sissy has impressed upon me from her other book and, of course, her lifestyle of devotion to others in God’s name. I shared the great personal blessings Sissy and you, Ruth, have bestowed upon me.

Sissy, you are such a wonder. Your family, your history, your work as set forth under God–truly a wonder!!! Your story and the story of your entire family, is a story worth hearing and worth sharing, a story God has used and will no doubt continue to use. Bless you, dear Sissy. Bless all the Ottes and Mansens!

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