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Not many are aware of the significance of angels. I believe, as Christians, we should pause and consider angels to gain perspective. For example, angels demonstrate the greatness of God’s love for us in that, though many angels sinned, none were saved (2 Pet. 2:4).Angels also remind us that the unseen world is real. Just…


(Don’t I know it!) It has been suggested to me several times and by several different people that I should compromise my integrity and modify my material to appeal to a broader audience: “Christianity just isn’t popular,” they say. Well, I’m sorry, I just can’t do that. In fact, that is the very mindset that…


This morning my cellmate and I were discussing an old friend of ours named Bill. Bill was a career crook who had served most of his life in prison. He released a few years ago at 75 years old. I had seen Bill more recently than my cellmate. He was a healthy 75 years old….


Often I hear people tell me that I won’t be very successful in my efforts to reach the “world” with Theology. “People just aren’t interested in Jesus anymore.” Indeed I have experienced this first-hand many times over many years. It may surprise some that most of the “emptiness” that I have found has originated from…